NJ Global Opportunities Fund A1

NJ Global Opportunities Fund shareclass A1 (NJGOF) objective is to generate long term capital growth by investing in mutual funds registered in India, generate superior returns over all market cycles as compared to its benchmark indices

NJGOF will invest into Indian Domicile top performing Indian Mutual Fund schemes managed by the Expert fund managers

NJGOF will dynamically manage the Asset allocation between equity & debt to generate superior returns

Dynamic Asset Allocation: The Asset Allocation between equity and debt would vary depending on the risk in the equity market : Higher the risk, lower will be the allocation into equities and vice versa.

Strategies for NJGOF A1

Two strategies (1) Asset Allocation (2) Scheme Selection proven as a key differentiator in the generating superior risk adjusted returns in NJGOF & outperforming the benchmark

Asset Allocation

Investors invested bulk of their money during the peak period but invested marginally when market fell which was great time to create wealth

Period Sensex Range Sensex PE bands Net Sales (Rs.)
July 2007 to Dec 2007 13989 - 20375 18.94 - 27.75 165.43 bn.
Dec 2008 to Mar 2009 10335 - 8160 14.06 - 11.19 200 mn.
Source: BSE, AMFI

Elemination of Psyche & Emotions as Investors tend to fall in the trap taking incorrect decision as clearly visible in the table

Scheme Selection

5 Years Rolling Returns of Diversified Equity Schemes

  2009 - 2013 2008 - 2012 2007 - 2011 2006 - 2010 2005 - 2009
Average of Top 25% Schemes 23.89 6.18 8.74 21.42 27.43
Average of Bottom 25% Schemes 10.56 -8.90 -2.18 10.71 15.25
Difference 13.33 15.08 10.92 10.71 12.18
Universe 205 184 164 133 92
Source: NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.

There is considerable difference in the performance of Top 25% & bottom 25% schemes. Table clearly shows the importance of scheme selection

Better scheme selection & fund manager selection one of the key factor to generate superior returns of the portfolio

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